Real Talk

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レーベル:Atlantic / Wea
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  1. Exodus (Performed by Black Ice)
  2. Don't Stop Won't Stop
  3. Real Talk (123)
  4. Gangsta
  5. Tit 4 Tat (Featuring Pharrell)
  6. Baby (Featuring Mike Shorey)
  7. Girls
  8. Church (Featuring Charlie Murphy)
  9. Can You Hear Me
  10. Do The Damn Thing (Feat. Young Jeezy)
  11. Holla At Somebody Real (Feat. Lil Mo)
  12. It's Alright (Featuring Sean Paul)
  13. Breathe
  14. Young and Sexy (Ft. Pharrell & Mike Shorey)
  15. Round & Round
  16. In My Hood
  17. It's Ghetto (featuring Thara)
  18. Po Po (featuring Paul Cain & Nate Dogg)
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Taken in small doses, Fabolous's for-the-club raps work nicely… well, for the club--and nothing much else. On the addictive "Breathe" he reluctantly ditches his usual drawl and spits some urgent ghettocentric punch lines with great effect. Interestingly, on "Don't Stop Won't Stop," Fabolous charges that people continue to steal his flow. Now, nobody's sure who has the copyright on the lazy delivery that Mase and Loon also employ, but that's a moot point on "Baby," where his crooner homey Mike Shorey sings over a familiar Michael Jackson sample (think De La Soul's "Breakadawn"). The obligatory Lil' Mo collabo "Holla at Somebody Real" is no "Can't Let You Go" although "Tit 4 Tat" offers a nice respite from the banality of the beats and lyrics--but that might be because the ubiquitous Pharrell is on board. Sean Paul sounds like he phoned in his verses on "It's All Right," and, on "It's Ghetto," when Fab raps about his hood exploits from the living room of his palatial estate, he just doesn't sound that genuine anymore. --Dalton Higgins