Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi

作曲 Andy Sturmer
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  1. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show Theme
  2. Friends Forever
  3. Planet Tokyo
  4. Joining A Fan Club
  5. Forever
  6. V - A - C - A - T - I - O - N
  7. Love So Pure
  8. Asia No Junshin (True Asia)
  9. Boogie-Woogie No. 5
  10. Korega Watashino Ikiru Michi (That's The Way It Is)
  11. Sunrise
  12. Umi Eto (Into The Beach)
  13. December
  14. Teen Titans Theme
This soundtrack to a television show on the Cartoon Network is the latest in a series of attempts to "break" this contagiously fun pop duo on American shores. In their native Japan, Puffi Amiyumi (who were brought together by a manager and record label in 1995) play stadiums, start fashion trends without trying, host a variety show, and have their own action figures. They’ve had a surprisingly long career, but have never made much of a pop culture mark in the US aside from the insanely catchy theme song to the cartoon Teen Titans (which appears here as a bonus track). This greatest-hits collection travels from beach blanket retro-pop numbers to head-banging anthems. Many of these songs are sung in Japanese, but they speak that universal language perfected in 1965 by John, Paul, George and Ringo: very clever, super melodic, three minute pop songs that stick in your head all week long. --Mike McGonigal