Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs

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レーベル:Righteous Babe
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  1. untitled
  2. Sovay
  3. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
  4. Fake Palindromes
  5. Measuring Cups
  6. Banking on a Myth
  7. Masterfade
  8. Opposite Day
  9. Skin Is, My
  10. The Naming of Things
  11. MX Missiles
  12. untitled
  13. Tables and Chairs
  14. The Happy Birthday Song
His beginnings as a violinist long behind him, Chicago-born Andrew Bird has been sculpting ever more complex and convincing musical worlds since his first album in 1997. On his fifth release, Bird offers up no answers to the mysteries in the world around us, but does take on the thornier elements with poetic verve. The instrumentation is bracingly inventive, but never for mere shenanigans or showmanship. The songs are each a perfectly formed vignette. And he's a world class whistler; not the loud summoning blast, but the supple and nuanced vibrato-laced melodicism of a master. There is no shortage of utterly riveting songs here. They work their magic on their own believable terms, without a hint of cloying nostalgia or riff-fueled seduction. - David Greenberger