Solo in Rio 1959

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レーベル:Smithsonian Folkways
JAN:0009307404832 売上ランキング:音楽で81431位

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  1. Pernambuco
  2. Night And Day
  3. Shearing
  4. Sambolero
  5. Calypso Minor
  6. Uma Prece (A Prayer)
  7. Bonfabuloso
  8. Quebra Mar (The Seawall)
  9. Luzes Do Rio (Lights Of Rio)
  10. Perdido De Amor (Lost In Love)
  11. Manha De Carnaval
  12. Amor Sem Adeus (Love Without Goodbye)
  13. Variacoes Em Violao (Variations On Guitar)
  14. Seringuerio
  15. Chopin
  16. Na Baixa do Sapateiro [In the Shoemaker's Hollow]
  17. Murder
  18. A Brazilian In New York
  19. Prelude To Adventure In Space
  20. Tenderly
  21. Blue Madrid
  22. Marcha Escocesa (Scottish March)
  23. Fanfarra (Fanfare)
  24. Samba De Orfeu
  25. Manha De Carnava
  26. Perdido De Amor 2
  27. Sambolero 2
  28. Qubra Mar 2
  29. Seringueiro Excerpt
  30. Seringueiro 2
  31. Luzes De Rio 2
Luiz Bonfá, along with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Baden Powell and Joao Gilberto, helped invent Brazilian Bossa Nova. "The whisper heard around the world" was budding during the 1950s but achieved full flower a decade later. It was a coolly intellectual yet irresistibly melodic marriage of African-derived samba rhythms with American jazz and French Existentialism. Bonfá eventually became world-famous due to his contributions to the score of Orfeo Negro, a much-honored film in which the tragic Greek legend was transmuted to Rio during Carnival time. The present tracks were produced by Emory Cook and this invaluable reissue not only revives a beautiful album but contains 15 previously unreleased tunes. The sonic environment is clear and spacious throughout, uncluttered by unnecessary studio adulterations. Bonfá was not a great singer but his wistful, straight-from-the-heart delivery makes mere technique seem showy and overdone. However, as a guitarist, he had no superiors and few peers. --Christina Roden