Quelqu'Un M'a Dit

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  1. Quelqu'un M'A Dit
  2. Raphaël
  3. Tout le Monde
  4. Noyée
  5. Toi du Moi
  6. Ciel Dans une Chambre (Il Cielo in Una Stanza)
  7. J'En Connais
  8. Plus Beau du Quartier
  9. Chanson Triste
  10. Excessive
  11. Amour
  12. Dernière Minute
Originally best-known as an Italian-born model who had affairs with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, Bruni has matured into a remarkably talented and self-possessed singer-composer-guitarist. Her debut album, sung mostly in French, could best be described as neo-chanson. Bruni's whispery, wobbly, husky voice, wryly deadpan delivery and introspective lyrics recall Francoise Hardy, Barbara, Jane Birkin and Nico. But unlike her forebears, who so often posed as waif-like child-women and doormat-like victims of passion, Bruni remains firmly on top. Her lyrics can and do celebrate true love but she also praises the delights of female sexual empowerment in no uncertain terms, as on J'en Connais ("I've Known A Few"). Musically, the tunes range from folk Français to echoes of le jazz hot to bluesy torch numbers. The spare, mostly acoustic instrumentation is unfussy and atmospheric, while the I-couldn't-care-less ambience is occasionally punctuated by chimes, insouciant whistling or an impudent, sly giggle. --Christina Roden