Wherever You Are

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レーベル:Eleven Thirty
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  1. Wherever You Are
  2. Hold On
  3. Only A Dream
  4. Astronaut
  5. Make It Right
  6. How Much
This mini-album is comprised of six songs that were originally part of a full-length work recorded in 2002 for RCA, just as the label entered a merger and cut a large part of their roster, including David Mead. Rescued from limbo, these songs are glorious pop gems, carefully constructed from their writing on through to production and arrangements. Mead’s melodic sensibilities and clear, unaffected voice bring to mind Crowded House and Neil Finn . The opening title track has a near-orchestral lushness, but it's all made out of guitars, keyboards, drums, and vocals. He subsequently scaled down with the more intimate Indiana in 2004, but this is a regal delight from beginning to end, twenty-two and a half minutes of pure and romantic pop glory. --David Greenberger

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