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  1. Ha uma musica do Povo (There's A Song of the People)
  2. Meu Fado Meu (My Own Fado)
  3. Recusa (Refusal)
  4. Quando me sinto so (When I Feel Alone)
  5. Montras (Shop Windows)
  6. Ha palavras que nos beijam (There Are Words That Kiss Us)
  7. Transparente (Transparent)
  8. Fado Portugues de nos (Our Own Portuguese Fado)
  9. Malmequer (Loves Me, Loves Me Not)
  10. Medo (Fear)
  11. Toada do desengano (Song of Disillusion)
  12. Fado Tordo
  13. Duas Lagrimas de Orvalho (Two Drops of Dew)
  14. Desejos vaos (Vain Desires)
Standing out amid a very strong crop of young new fado singers, Mozambique-born Mariza returns with Transparente, her third album. While her second, Fado Curvo, announced her as a great new voice on the scene, this one reaffirms that flowering promise while expanding the depth of her range. She gets help from great Brazilian cellist, arranger and producer Jacques Morelenbaum, who adds a lush orchestral backdrop to this folksy torch song form, extending the bittersweet melodies even though it does file away some of the edges. No matter, the singer's phrasing and timing are calibrated for drama, and her voice soars with happiness or quivers with passion. Highlights include a panoramic version of the fado traditional "O Silencio da Guitarra" and a small group rendering of "Recusa." Her moving away from the tradition may trouble purist, but this album endears itself easily if given a listen. -- Tad Hendrickson