Howl (CCCD)

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レーベル:Red Int / Red Ink
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  1. Shuffle Your Feet
  2. Howl
  3. Devil's Waitin'
  4. Ain't No Easy Way
  5. Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
  6. Fault Line
  7. Promise
  8. Weight of the World
  9. Restless Sinner
  10. Gospel Song
  11. Complication Situation
  12. Sympathetic Noose
  13. The Line
San Francisco's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club weren't exactly shy about their taste for early ‘90s UK rock (Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, Stone Roses), influences that freely permeated their debut and Take Them On, On Your Own. But Howl argues that B.R.M.C. understands how such devotion can often be a creative straightjacket, stripping their songs bare via almost exclusively acoustic arrangements that variously evoke gospel-tinged Appalachia and gritty country-blues ("Devil's Waitin', "Ain't No Easy Way," "Restless Sinner"), gentle, mouth-harp seasoned folk ("Fault Line") and vocalist Peter Hayes invoking various ghosts of Dylan past on "Still Suspicion Holds You Tight," "Promise," and "Complicated Situation." Indeed, in everything from its music and Allen Ginsburg-inspired title to the LP-deriv! ed running order and artwork, it's an album whose retro-'60s counter-culture vibe may be no less original than their previous musical obsessions, but one whose strong, mature songs and dedicated performances can't be denied. --Jerry McCulley

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