Bring It on (Dig)

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レーベル:Hellcat Records
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  1. Freaks In Uniforms
  2. Hit 'N Run
  3. Bring It On!
  4. It's Been So Long
  5. Undefeated
  6. You Vs. Me
  7. Crawl Straight Home
  8. Trapped
  9. Walk Like A Zombie
  10. Where You Can't Follow
  11. Caught In A Blonde
  12. S.O.B.
  13. Who's Leading You Now
The scariest thing about Horror Pops second album, might be the cover itself that looks like were promotional stills for some goth episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse. But the visuals are the most seditious part about these Danish punk psychobilly rockers. They elevate the often creepy genre with their smart lyrics, elegant nods to New Wave, careful attention to dynamics and a strong rhythmic structure that will find you nursing a bad case of whiplash from all the head bobbing. It's one of those rare albums that combines swaggering attitude, clean melodies and a skewed sense of humor in equal measure. And that's even before you're lulled into bittersweet submission by the voice of singer/bassist Patrica Day's whose voice is caught midway between Chrissie Hynde smart and seductive purr, Debbie Harry's saucy screech and Nico's dark mysteries. -- Jaan Uhelszki