Warnings / Promises

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  1. Love Steals Us From Loneliness
  2. Welcome Home
  3. I Want A Warning
  4. I Understand It
  5. As If I Hadn't Slept
  6. Too Long Awake
  7. Not Just Sometimes But Always
  8. The Space Between All Things
  9. El Capitan
  10. Blame It On Obvious Ways
  11. Disconnected
  12. Goodnight
The fourth album from Idlewild, Warnings/Promises sees these Scottish rockers drifting further and further from their genesis as feedback-toying moshpit gremlins; mostly conceived on an acoustic guitar and fleshed out later in the studio, it perhaps makes sense that this is an album that's at its strongest when it catches its creators at their most reflective. Clear stand-outs come with the folksy "I Understand It" and the cello-and-xylophone-accompanied "Not Just Sometimes But Always", restrained moments where frontman Roddy Woomble's vocals--sounding more like R.E.M's Michael Stipe than ever--are granted enough room to spread their wings. However, some of the rockier moments misfire--see the blustering "Too Long Awake", which cuts off abruptly after a few minutes of fairly aimless guitar screech as if suddenly aware it's outstayed its welcome. All in all, there's a feeling here that this is a transitional album for Idlewild, one that catches them in the process of morphing into something else entirely. But who knows? Maybe their Automatic for the People lies just around the corner. --Louis Pattison