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レーベル:Halo 8
JAN:0856594001035 売上ランキング:音楽で1720605位

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  1. Most Precious Blood vs. Alec Empire "Pandemic"
  2. Agnostic Front vs. Schizoid "World At War"
  3. Inside Out vs. Oktopus from Dalek "Ghost In The Machine"
  4. Killswitch Engage vs. Edgey "World Ablaze - Threat mix"
  5. Terror vs. Enduser "Overkill"
  6. Eighteen Visions vs. Otto Von Schirach "Champagne Enemaz"
  7. Gorilla Biscuits vs. Defragmentation "Zolobovine"
  8. The Icarus Line vs. The End "Cannibal Kitten"
  9. V.O.D. vs. The Tyrant "Slapped With An X"
  10. Judge vs. Bill Youngman "Bring It"
  11. Youth Of Today vs. Edgey "Stalwart Carapace"
  12. Bleeding Through vs. Hecate "Deathbed"
  13. Today Is The Day vs. darph/nadeR "I Know That You're Lying"
  14. Glassjaw vs. Enduser "Star Buried In My Yard"
  15. Minor Threat vs. Holocaust "Don't Step"