Young for Eternity

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レーベル:Sire / London/Rhino
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  1. I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say
  2. Holiday
  3. Rock & Roll Queen
  4. Mary
  5. Young For Eternity
  6. Lines of Light
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. City Pavement
  9. No Goodbyes
  10. With You
  11. She Sun
  12. Somewhere
  13. Encore at 1am
The debut album from The Subways proves that for a man approaching his seventies, Glastonbury’s (UK music festival) Michael Eavis has excellent taste. Eavis plucked The Subways’ demo from a pile of demos and pushed this young trio--frontman Billy Lunn, his girlfriend, bassist Mary-Charlotte Cooper, and his brother, drummer Josh Morgan--onto the 2004 festival stage.

A long, hot summer on, Young For Eternity fulfils all their early potential: "I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say" and "Oh Yeah" barrel along with the raw, adrenalised energy of Nirvana or The White Stripes--full-bodied, powerful anthems that lose none of their live passion in the studio setting. Lunn’s oft-stated admiration for Oasis surfaces on "Mary", a sort of amped-up "She’s Electric" that’s actually, rather sweetly, a love song from singer to bassist. Ms Cooper, too, however, has a pretty great voice: more grit-edged rock bitch than cooing indie-waif, it invests the likes of "Oh Yeah" and "City Pavement" with a smouldering--nay, flat-out roaring--chemistry that’s all the more engaging because it’s actually 100% genuine. --Louis Pattison


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