Say I Am You

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  1. Take It From Me
  2. Gotta Have You
  3. World Spins Madly On
  4. Citywide Rodeo
  5. Riga Girls
  6. Suicide Blonde
  7. Painting by Chagall
  8. Nobody Knows Me At All
  9. Not Your Year
  10. Living In Twilight
  11. Stars
  12. Love Doesn’t Last Too Long
  13. Slow Pony Home
Say I Am You
The Weepies are a duo of songwriters Deb Talan and Steve Tannen. How can one not help but be delighted when two such similar sound names align with one another? Perfectly matched, the thirteen songs are quiet but insistent, with lyrics full of pop smarts and poetic depth. Narratives, whether fragmented or direct, empower most of the songs, giving even first-person vantage points a solid foundation. Talan does the bulk of the lead vocals, and her voice is a confident instrument, full of sly surprise and subtle phrasing. The pair's harmonies are thoughtful and evocative, oftentimes utilizing less than obvious intervals. In fact, the chorus vocals owe more to great radio pop of the sixties and seventies than to the various contemporary strains of folk and Americana. --David Greenberger

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