Sexto Sentido: Re+Loaded

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レーベル:EMI Latin
JAN:0094636153223 売上ランキング:音楽で731024位

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  1. Cantando Por Un Sueno
  2. No, No, No
  3. Amar Sin Ser Amada
  4. Seduccion
  5. Un Sueno Para Dos
  6. Sabe Bien
  7. 24000 Besos
  8. Olvidame
  9. No Puedo Vivir Sin Li
  10. Un Alma Sentenciada
  11. No Me Voy A Quebrar
  12. Empezar De 'O'
  13. Un Alma Sentenciada
  14. La Super Chica
A year after its original release, Thalia's solid El Sexto Sentido disc gets a facelift. Funny thing is, this Re+Loaded version actually improves upon its mostly successful predecessor. The nips and tucks have made it a smoother, more unified effort. Gone is Thalia's playful take on Tejano icon Selena's "Amor Prohibido." Any trace of English-language material--three songs in total--has also been removed. It's all replaced by a quartet of high-caliber Spanish-language work that makes Re+Loaded worth the double purchase. "Cantando Por un Sueno" is a self-affirming, fist-pumping anthem; and "La Super Chica" is an affecting moment of alt-girl pop power with a hint of 80's nostalgia. Best of the bunch is "No, No, No," a glittering, break-up bachata duet featuring Aventura member Anthony "Romeo" Santos. It's one of the disc's best moments, alongside the still-affecting "Seduccion," "Olvidame" and "No Puedo Vivir Sin Verte." Also included is a sweeping club remix of the ballad "Un Alma Sentenciada," courtesy of renowned DJ duo Hex Hector and Mac Quayle. --Joey Guerra