News & Tributes

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レーベル:Vagrant Records
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  1. Yes/No
  2. Cope
  3. Fallout
  4. Skip to the End
  5. Burnt
  6. News and Tributes
  7. Return of the Beserker
  8. Back to the Sea
  9. Worry about it Later
  10. Favours for Favours
  11. Thursday
  12. Face
  13. Area
  14. Help Us Out
  15. We Cannot Lose
  16. Decent Days and Nights (Shy Child Remix)
Best known for a spastic, heavily accented post-punk cover of Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love" that went Top 10 in the UK, this British quartet attempts to kick away from its '80s-inspired comrades--such as Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs--on their second album. Not that there's any shortage of spiky riffs, jerky rhythms, and off-kilter harmonies on News and Tributes. But get past the more pedestrian fare like "Yes/No" and "Return of the Berserker," and the full scope of the Futureheads' ambition reveals itself, particularly in the poppiest track, "Skip To The End." Meanwhile, "Thursday" is laced with a distinct doo-wop feel, "Favours for Favours" shows the band's softer side, and the jagged "Burnt" proves that the group can approach greatness on a song of its very own.--Aidin Vaziri