Le Fil

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  1. La Jeune Fille Aux Cheveux Blancs
  2. ta Douleur
  3. Assise
  4. Janine I
  5. Vous
  6. Baby Carni Bird
  7. Pour Que L'amour Me Quitte
  8. Senza
  9. Janine II
  10. Vertige
  11. Au Port
  12. Janine III
  13. Pale Septembre
  14. Rue De Menilmontant
  15. Quand Je Marche
  16. J'ai Tort
  17. Jolie Bruine
  18. Lumiere
Feel free to add French chanteuse Camille to that extremely select group of adventurous female singer/songwriters that also includes Bjork, Fiona Apple, Kate Bush and Julieta Venegas. Camille makes experimental music, to be sure, but her soundscapes have so much warmth in them that they are also instantly catchy. Her singing evokes the wide-eyed innocence of a little girl hopelessly in love with the world and its many mysteries. The instrumentation is sparse on the singer’s sophomore effort, sustained by a single tone that accompanies the album from beginning to end. A minimalist at heart, Camille uses overdubs cleverly, adding subtle keyboard effects for the creation of hypnotic atmospheres. The songs merge seamlessly into one another, creating a cinematic journey that requires repeated listening in order to reveal its many hidden treasures. Camille is likely to become a global phenomenon on the sheer strength of her unique talent. --Ernesto Lechner

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