Drowsy Chaperone

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  1. Fancy Dress
  2. Cold Feets
  3. Best Man for the Job
  4. Show Off
  5. As We Stumble Along
  6. Adolpho
  7. Accident Waiting to Happen
  8. Toledo Surprise
  9. Message from a Nightingale
  10. Bride’s Lament
  11. I Remember Love
  12. I Do, I Do in the Sky
Under its enigmatic title lurks a remarkably entertaining little show. The Drowsy Chaperone is a droll Canadian import that's part homage to the musical theater, part spoof. Narrated by the unnamed Man in Chair (Bob Martin), the show basically reenacts a 1920s musical named "The Drowsy Chaperone." This allows the creative team to match an inspired collection of familiar 1920s types---the flapper (Sutton Foster), the cad (Troy Britton Johnson), the zinger-slinging diva (Beth Leavel), the Latin lothario (Danny Burstein), the zany character actors (Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert)---with witty, well-crafted pastiches of songs of that era. Penned by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison, the tunes are instantly hummable, while the ensemble cast is uniformly superb---you know the standard is high when the awesome Sutton Foster doesn't even stand out that much. Thankfully, the "meta" concept doesn't lead to arch-irony and detachment. A genuine affection for what makes musicals so fun shines throughout, making this a real keeper of an album. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

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