Waterloo to Anywhere

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  1. Deadwood
  2. Gin & Milk
  3. Bang Bang You're Dead
  4. Blood Thirsty Bastards
  5. The Gentry Cove
  6. Doctors And Dealers
  7. The Enemy
  8. If You Love A Woman
  9. You Fucking Love It
  10. Wondering
  11. Last Of The Small Town Playboys
The star-crossed fracture of London's much-hyped, woefully short-lived Libertines initially yielded the mixed blessings of Pete Doherty's ongoing, tabloid-chronicled flirtation with self-annihilation and Down in Albion the brilliant debut of the singer's new band, Baby Shambles. But while the charms of this, the first effort by ex-Libertines guitarist/songwriter Carl Barat's own new crew, are considerably more straight-forward than Doherty's art-for-art's-sake conceits, they're no less energetically bracing or lyrically barbed. Indeed, it's Barat's efforts here that often seem to be carrying the Libertines' jangled punk-pop mantle forward via the infectious pop charms of the single "Bang Bang You're Dead" (a poison-pen kiss-off to ex-bandmate Doherty, replete with a playful New Orleans jazz-wake intro) or careening thrash-ups like "Gin & Milk" and "You F*cking Love It." Those extremes may outline the musical boundaries of DPT's debut, but it's what lies in between that's just as intriguing, whether it's the moody music hall-meets-dancehall charms of the downright Albion-esque "The Gentry Cove," the scathing broadside "Doctors & Dealers," "The Enemy's" schizoid-bop or the angular, ranting "If You Love a Woman," a song that distills the essence of three decades of energetic garage-punk angst into as many minutes. -- Jerry McCulley