I Am Not Afraid of You & I Will Beat Your Ass

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  1. Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind
  2. Beanbag Chair
  3. I Feel Like Going Home
  4. Mr. Tough
  5. Black Flowers
  6. The Race Is On Again
  7. The Room Got Heavy
  8. Sometimes I Don't Get You
  9. Daphnia
  10. I Should Have Known Better
  11. Watch Out For Me Ronnie
  12. The Weakest Part
  13. Song For Mahila
  14. Point And Shoot
  15. The Story Of Yo La Tengo
It's no surprise that a group named after something said during a baseball game would title an album after something said during a basketball match. It is a bit of a surprise that this band remains so incredibly good, and capable of surprising even longtime listeners. This one's so diverse and such a mixture of different styles, it's reminiscent of the group's all-request on-air shows they play annually to support New Jersey-based radio station WFMU. Book-ended by two long, droney tunes, you've got garage-rock rave-ups, country-pop, horn-driven R&B, little gorgeous atmospheric songs, some brilliant falsetto singing, and... this list could go on and on. Who else would think to pair conga-style percussion to a Suicide-esque synth drone? Or even to work with longtime Dylan collaborator and strings arranger and violinist David Mansfield and have genius illustrator Gary Panter do the artwork at the same time? It's the little things that matter, especially when you mastered the big ones twenty-plus years ago. --Mike McGonigal