The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 5: 1965

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Disc : 1
  1. Ask The Lonely Alternate Stereo Mix
  2. Where Did You Go Single Version
  3. Do You Know What I'm Talkin' About
  4. You Say You Love Me
  5. Conscience I'm Guilty
  6. You Got Me Worried
  7. Shotgun Album Version
  8. Hot Cha Album Version
  9. All For You Album Version
  10. Too Many Fish In The Sea Album Version
  11. Love Makes The World Go `Round, But Money Greases The Wheel
  12. Come On Back (And Be My Love Again)
  13. I'm Still Loving You
  14. Go Ahead And Laugh Second Version
  15. Nowhere To Run "16 Big Hits" Stereo Version
  16. Motoring Single Version (Stereo)
  17. Stop! In The Name Of Love Promo version
  18. I'm In Love Again Album Version (Stereo)
  19. Stop! In The Name Of Love Single Version (Mono)
  20. When I'm Gone Single Version
  21. I've Been Good To You Album Version
  22. When I'm Gone Second Version
  23. I'll Be Doggone Single Version (Mono)
  24. You've Been A Long Time Coming Album Version
  25. I'll Be Doggone Second version
  26. Ooo Baby Baby Album Version (Stereo)
  27. All That's Good Single Version (Mono)
  28. It's Growing Single Version (Mono)
  29. What Love Has Joined Together Album Version (Stereo)
Disc : 2
  1. Never Say No To Your Baby Single Version
  2. Let's Dance
  3. Kiss Me Baby Single Version - Mono
  4. You Only Pass This Way One Time
  5. Rain Is A Lonesome Thing
  6. My Baby
  7. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  8. Back In My Arms Again Promo version
  9. Whisper You Love Me Boy Album Version (Stereo)
  10. Back In My Arms Again Single Version (Stereo)
  11. A Thrill A Moment Single Version
  12. I'll Never See My Love Again
  13. I Can't Help Myself Single Version (Mono)
  14. Sad Souvenirs Single Version (Mono)
  15. I Can't Help Myself Second Version
  16. All The Good Times Are Gone
  17. The Great Titanic
  18. Lonely, Lonely Girl Am I Single Version
  19. I'm The Exception To The Rule Single Version
  20. I'll Keep Holding On Single Version
  21. No Time For Tears
  22. Do The Boomerang Album Version
  23. Tune Up Album Version
  24. Operator Single Version
  25. I'll Be Available
  26. Down To Earth Album Version
  27. Had You Been Around Album Version
Disc : 3
  1. Buttered Popcorn
  2. Tell Me Single Version
  3. He's An Oddball
  4. By Some Chance
  5. Why Do You Want To Let Me Go
  6. I'm Not A Plaything
  7. The Only Time I'm Happy Album Version (Stereo)
  8. Supremes Interview
  9. Since I Lost My Baby Single Version (Mono)
  10. You've Got To Earn It Single Version (Mono)
  11. I'll Always Love You Single Version
  12. Tomorrow May Never Come
  13. This Time Last Summer
  14. Please Don't Turn The Lights Out
  15. Why Break My Heart (Just To Run Around)
  16. They're Only Words
  17. Pretty Little Baby Single Version (Mono)
  18. Now That You've Won Me Album Version (Mono)
  19. First I Look At The Purse Single Version
  20. Searching For A Girl
  21. The Tracks Of My Tears "16 Big Hits" Stereo Version
  22. A Fork In The Road Single Version (Mono)
  23. Shake And Fingerpop Album Version
  24. Cleo's Back Album Version
  25. It's The Same Old Song Single Version (Mono)
  26. Your Love Is Amazing
  27. It's The Same Old Song Second Version
Disc : 4
  1. Mother Dear Stereo
  2. Nothing But Heartaches Single Version (Mono)
  3. He Holds His Own Album Version
  4. Nothing But Heartaches Second Version
  5. Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead Single Version
  6. Your Cheating Ways Single Version
  7. Your Cheating Ways Second Version
  8. You've Changed Me
  9. Who's Lovin' You Album Version
  10. You've Been In Love Too Long Single Version
  11. Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things) "16 Big Hits" Stereo Version
  12. High Heel Sneakers Single Version - Mono
  13. Funny How Time Slips Away Single Version - Mono
  14. Music Talk Single Version - Mono
  15. The Bigger Your Heart Is (The Harder You'll Fall) Single Version
  16. The Two Of Us
  17. I Don't Know What To Do
  18. What Now My Love
  19. Hang On Bill
  20. Puppet On A String
  21. You Can Cry On My Shoulder Single Version
  22. How Many Times Did You Mean It
  23. You Can Cry On My Shoulder Second Version
  24. You Need Me Single Version
  25. Moonlight On The Beach Single Version
  26. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) Single Version
  27. Don't Compare Me With Her
  28. Things Are Changing Promo Version
Disc : 5
  1. Ain't That Peculiar Single Version (Mono)
  2. She's Got To Be Real
  3. Ain't That Peculiar Second Version
  4. My Girl Has Gone Single Version (Mono)
  5. Since You Won My Heart Album Version (Stereo)
  6. My Girl Has Gone Second Version
  7. My Baby Single Version (Mono)
  8. Don't Look Back Album Version (Stereo)
  9. My Baby Second Version
  10. Don't Look Back Second Version
  11. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) Single Version
  12. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Album Version
  13. I Hear A Symphony Single Version (Mono)
  14. Who Could Ever Doubt My Love Album Version (Stereo)
  15. As Long As There Is L-O-V-E, Love Album Version
  16. How Can I Say I'm Sorry
  17. We Call It Fun
  18. Voodoo Plan
  19. Something About You Single Version (Mono)
  20. Darling, I Hum Our Song Single Version
  21. I've Been Cheated
  22. Take My Hand
  23. Something's Bothering You
  24. Let's Go Somewhere
  25. Say You
  26. All For Someone
  27. I Can't Believe You Love Me
  28. Hold Me Oh My Darling
Disc : 6
  1. You're Gonna Love My Baby Single Version
  2. The Touch Of Time Single Version
  3. Children's Christmas Song Album Version
  4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Me Album Version
  5. Uptight (Everything's Alright) Single Version
  6. Purple Rain Drops Single Version - Mono
  7. A Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush) Single Version
  8. Since You've Been Loving Me Single Version
  9. Don't Mess With Bill Single Version
  10. Anything You Wanna Do
  11. The Flick Part 2
  12. The Flick Part 1
  13. Do Right Baby Do Right Single Version
  14. Don't Be Too Long Single Version (Mono)
  15. Do Right Baby Do Right Second Version
  16. Going To A Go-Go Single Version (Mono)
  17. Choosey Beggar Single Version (Mono)
  18. Ask Any Man
  19. Spanish Rose
  20. Cleo's Mood Album Version
  21. Baby You Know You Ain't Right
  22. My World Is Empty Without You Single Version (Mono)
  23. Everything Is Good About You
  24. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
  25. Sweeter As The Days Go By
  26. Put Yourself In My Place Single Version
  27. Darling Baby