Spring Awakening: A New Musical

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レーベル:Decca Broadway
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  1. Mamma Who Bore Me
  2. Mamma Who Bore Me (Reprise)
  3. All That's Known
  4. The B*tch of Living
  5. My Junk
  6. Touch Me
  7. The Word of Your Body
  8. The Dark I Know Well
  9. And Then There Were None
  10. The Mirror-Blue Night
  11. I Believe
  12. Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind
  13. The Guilty Ones
  14. Left Behind
  15. Totally F*ucked
  16. The Word of Your Body (Reprise)
  17. Whispering
  18. Those You've Known
  19. The Song of Purple Summer
Who would have thought that Duncan Sheik would succeed where Paul Simon and Randy Newman failed, successfully transitioning from the pop-rock world to the Broadway stage? With Spring Awakening, Sheik and book writer/lyricist Steven Slater (who had already worked on Sheik's 2001 album Phantom Moon) have created a thoroughly exciting show that incorporates a contemporary art-indie idiom (including a small rock band instead of an orchestra) into a dramatic musical-theater context. The unlikely setting is that of a Frank Wedekind adaptation, but as it turns out, teenage angst is perennial, whether it's in contemporary America or in a 1891 German boarding school. Songs such as "The Bitch of Living" ("with nothing going on, asking just what went wrong"), "The Word of Your Body," "I Don't Do Sadness," and "Totally Fucked" ("You're fucked if you speak your mind and you know you will") resonate with the rage, frustration, confusion, excitement, joy, anger, and of course budding lust of those hormone-driven years. The show is greatly enhanced by its youthful cast members (they're all pretty close in age to their characters), who sing their hearts out. --Elisabeth Vincentelli