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  1. Shake Down
  2. Blown Away
  3. Smack That
  4. I Wanna Love You
  5. The Rain
  6. Never Took The Time
  7. Mama Africa
  8. I Can't Wait
  9. Gangsta Bop
  10. Tired Of Runnin'
  11. Once In A While
  12. Don't Matter
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If R&B has been drifting lately, Konvicted proves Akon's ready to take the wheel: His reedy voice encapsulates Jersey, Jamaica, and continents beyond (Africa, most notably); his wait-a-beat delivery enhances his high-flying hooks; and his attitude mulches thuggery and womanizing into something worth spreading around. If that's not indication enough he's on a roll, consider the accolades Konvicted is racking up--a Grammy nod for "Smack That" (featuring Eminem), a No. 1 single with "I Wanna Love You" (featuring Snoop Dogg), sales in the millions. To count Akon a musical groundbreaker, though, you have to be ready to embrace a new genre that might take Brian McKnight and Usher fans a little getting used to: hardcore R&B. Both "I Wanna Love You" and "Smack That" don't shy away from raunch, and tracks like "Tired of Runnin'" and "Shake Down" bring on an MC edge that belongs more to the street than to the bedroom. Still, count on Akon to convince holdouts he's worth hearing; both his message and his manner bear the marks of the unstoppable. --Tammy La Gorce