The Painted Veil

作曲 Alexandre Desplat
定価:¥ 2,255
マーケットプレイス価格:¥ 1,578 (税込)

レーベル:Deutsche Grammophon
JAN:0028947765523 売上ランキング:音楽で595930位

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  1. The Painted Veil
  2. Gnossienne No 1 (Erik Satie 1866-1925)
  3. Colony Club
  4. River Waltz
  5. Kitty's Theme
  6. Death Convoy
  7. The Water Wheel
  8. The Lovers
  9. Promenade
  10. Kitty's Journey
  11. The Deal
  12. Walter's Mission
  13. The Convent
  14. River Waltz
  15. Morning Tears
  16. Cholera
  17. The End of Love
  18. The Funeral
  19. From Shanghai to London
While this soundtrack is very solid overall, it's also rather subdued and perhaps not as immediately likable as composer Alexandre Desplat's previous offerings (most notably The Queen and Syriana), so it could disappoint fans of the immensely gifted Frenchman. But a certain old-fashioned charm does operate after a while, which, after all, is exactly what you'd expect of the music for a movie based on a Somerset Maugham novel. Desplat set out to evoke 1920s romanticism with a series of brief vignettes, usually greatly enhanced by the sensitive playing of pianist Lang Lang. And considering that most of the movie takes place in China, Desplat has refrained from easy orientalism: "Walter's Mission" is one of the few tracks to allude to Asian sounds. The only non-original tracks on the CD is Erik Satie's well-known "Gnossienne No. 1," a slow piece that evidently served as inspiration for Desplat's own "River Waltz." But who's complaining? There are worse people to emulate than Satie. --Elisabeth Vincentelli