Amin Iman

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  1. Cler Achel
  2. Mano Dayak
  3. Matadjem Yinmixan
  4. Ahimana
  5. Soixante Trois
  6. Toumast
  7. Imidiwan Winakalin
  8. Awa Didjen
  9. Ikyadarh Dim
  10. Tamatant Tilay
  11. Assouf
  12. Izarharh Tenere
When you hear this music clan -- group just doesn't seem to be the right designation for a band of nomad desert musicians/soldiers –- a listener can hear the calm of the desert night air and the serenity of the musicians who live there. The Taureg people truly seem to be of the land and never more so than here on the band's third album, Aman Iman. The loping percussion and the circular guitar lines conjure wide-open desert images evoked in the repetitive grooves. Some may grumble that the members are playing much as they did on the first and second albums, blending Arabic song structures, desert wails, and primordial blues guitar riffs, but for it to be any different would be akin to asking the people in Tinariwen to change who they are. Never have words been truer than those of the title, but this album also appends that sentiment, proving that music is life for the desert Taureg too. --Tad Hendrickson

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