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レーベル:Geffen Records
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  1. Finally Made Me Happy
  2. Shoo Be Doo
  3. What I Gotta Do
  4. Okay
  5. Glad You're Here
  6. Ghetto Love
  7. One For Me
  8. Strange Behavior
  9. Slowly
  10. Get Out
  11. Treat Me Like Your Money
  12. Everybody
For a while there, the helium-voiced Macy Gray seemed to be coasting instead of crashing down the walls between funk, rock, and R&B the way scads of breathless music pundits once said she would. That was before and a handful of other skillful knob-twisters entered her life. Now, multi-genre destruction and utter domination once again seem possible: Big, as its title suggests, is a huge record--bold in all the right places and subdued where it needs to be; scruffy around the edges but slick below the surface; at once nonchalant and reckless to the bone. Gray, in her way, is a vocal Timbaland--it's tempting to think she's too imposing to make a random-seeming hook-up work, but she stretches her singular gift around pretty much any collaborator a producer can throw at her, and with style to burn. On Big, those tossed on for the challenge include Natalie Cole, who lights up opener "Finally Made Me Happy"; Nas, who gives up the grit likably on "Ghetto Love"; and Fergie, who coos efficiently throughout "Glad You're Here." As vibes go, the one given off here is cool, casual, and slightly crazy--all Macy, in other words. She does her thing up right, and she does it Big. --Tammy La Gorce