Rich Boy

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  1. The Madness
  2. Role Models (Feat. David Banner & Attitude)
  3. Boy Looka Here
  4. Throw Some D's (Feat. Polow Da Don)
  5. What It Do (Feat. Cutty)
  6. Good Things (Feat. Polow Da Don & Keri)
  7. Hustla Balla Gangsta Mack
  8. Touch That A**
  9. On The Regular
  10. Gangsta (Feat. Mark Twain) Interlude
  11. Get To Poppin
  12. And I Love You (Feat. Big Boi & Pastor Troy)
  13. Lost Girls (Feat. Keri & Rock City)
  14. Ghetto Rich (Feat. John Legend)
  15. Let's Get This Paper
  16. Throw Some D's (Remix) (Feat. Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee
Alabama-based Rich Boy is the protégé of erstwhile rapper, turned producer Polow Da Don. Polow's banner year in 2006, including hugely successful tracks for the Pussycat Dolls ("Buttons") and Fergie ("London Bridge"), has transitioned nicely into 2007 as Rich Boy already has one certified cross-coastal anthem in the bag: "Throw Some Ds." Also on the rise is the stalking, scowling "Boy Looka Here," and expect "Get to Poppin" to hit with its exotic sound and beefy beats. Clearly, Rich Boy is not hurting for potential singles yet his debut doesn't really cohere much beyond that. Partly, it's that Rich Boy is competent but not extraordinary, reminiscent of any number of Southern rappers with their scrunched-up drawls, yet lacks the kind of intense charisma that a T.I. or Lil Wayne pumps out. And unexpectedly, despite Polow's guidance, this album lacks a diverse, relentless sonic energy that a peer like Timbaland would likely have brought. The album doesn't fizzle but nor does it sizzle. --Oliver Wang

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