Magic Position

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レーベル:Fontana Universal
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  1. Overture
  2. The Magic Position
  3. Accident & Emergency
  4. The Bluebell
  5. Bluebells
  6. Magpie
  7. X
  8. Augustine
  9. Secret Garden
  10. Get Lost
  11. Enchanted
  12. The Stars
  13. Finale
Standing at 6 feet 4" tall with a shock of bright red hair, 23 year old Patrick Wolf is something of a statement even before he opens his mouth. His two albums to date--2003's Lycanthropy and 2005's Wind in the Wires--have showed him to be more than a pretty face, however, with songs that strike an attractive balance between the imaginative and the indulgent. His third album, The Magic Position, is undoubtedly Wolf's 'pop' moment. The rollicking romp of "Get Lost," the upbeat "Accident and Emergency," and the celebratory title track all underline new levels of accessibility and--dare we say it--optimism. There are hints of the old Wolf too of course, especially in the eclectic choice of instrumentation and the off-kilter song arrangements; for every pop-perfect track there's a slice of raw darkness ("Bluebell") casual introspection ("Augustine") or sidereal rock-tronica ("The Stars"). Less a dramatic reinvention than a sideways turn into the world of adult emotions and mainstream accessibility, The Magic Position is nonetheless Patrick Wolf's most accomplished work to date. --Paul Sullivan