Dumb Luck

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レーベル:Sub Pop
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  1. Dumb Luck
  2. To A Fault
  3. I'D Like To Know
  4. Roll On
  5. The Distance
  6. Rock My Boat
  7. Natural Resources
  8. Breakfast In Bed
  9. Dreams
There's nothing accidental about Dumb Luck, the latest project from Jimmy Tamborello (The Postal Service, Figurines). True, the record's fractured electronics always seem serendipitous, this close to collapsing completely, and held together by dental floss. But that feeling results from the meticulous and deliberate way Tamborello handles those bursts of splintered sound, and his ability to elevate just the right snippet or melodic string to provide a toehold for the listener. The contributions of guest vocalists help out more than a little as well; on "To A Fault," Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste floats his wandering tenor between interludes of ecstatic noise, while Jenny Lewis grounds "Roll On" in a gentle country vibe. And then there's "Rock My Boat," in which the electronics mostly take a backseat to Mia Doi Todd's delicate, pillow-soft tones. At its core however, the record is powered by Tamborello's arsenal of beats, scratches and sound effects. Against that ragged digitized background, every song sounds dense and interesting. But it's his skill with blending that experimentation into solidly structured and appealing tunes that makes the record special. If computers had hearts, Tamborello's messy laptop poetry could teach them how to fall in love. --Matthew Cooke

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