Release the Stars

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レーベル:Geffen Records
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  1. Do I Disappoint You
  2. Going To A Town
  3. Tiergarten
  4. Nobody's Off The Hook
  5. Between My Legs
  6. Rules And Regulations
  7. Not Ready To Love
  8. Slideshow
  9. Tulsa
  10. Leaving For Paris
  11. Sanssouci
  12. Release The Stars
Recorded in Berlin and executive produced by the Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant, Rufus Wainwright's fifth album offers an ounce of restraint from the man that dressed up as Sir Lancelot's crossed girlfriend Lady Shallott on the cover of his last. Well, not really. Having fallen in love and curbed his self-destructive streak, the New York-born singer-songwriter has certainly sharpened his wit on Release the Stars but the songs remain as ornate and over-the-top as ever, drawing as much inspiration from opera and the musical theater as the desire to purge personal demons. So while Wainwright spends considerable time here pondering the state of the world ("Going to a Town") and his own battles with drug and sexual addiction ("Sanssouci"), every note is punctuated by a choir, orchestral swell, or big burst of brass. It wouldn't be Rufus with anything less. --Aidin Vaziri