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  1. Your Rocky Spine
  2. Backstage With The Modern Dancers
  3. Catcher Song
  4. Changing Colours
  5. There Is A Light
  6. Put There By The Land
  7. I Am Part Of A Large Family
  8. Where In The World Are You
  9. Passenger Song
  10. I Became Awake
There is a hushed grace to each Great Lake Swimmers release, a wonderfully fragile quality--a la Bonnie Prince Billy or Songs: Ohia--that is responsible for their devoted, near-religious fan base. While Great Lake Swimmers have been slowly building excitement with their previous two releases, Ongiara is truly on a whole other level, deserving to move them from buzz-worthy to legendary. Singer/songwriter Tony Dekker and company hit all the magical marks on this disc; the fragility is palpable, yet the primarily acoustic, bluegrass-affected instrumentation (from guitar to banjo to upright bass) is meaty enough to make every track feel lush and full. The list of guest performers is equally noteworthy, from Sarah Harmer's understated vocals on disc closer "I Became Awake," to the gorgeous string contributions of Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy, Arcade Fire) on the aching track "Where in the World Are You." Hearing Dekker half-whisper "when the wind takes you/it takes me too" in "Changing Colours" (a song equating the individual growth of two people in a dying romance with the change in seasons) is quite literally the sound of musical perfection. In fact, much of this CD gets better with each listen, and there's no better testimony than that. --Denise Sheppard