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  1. Tallahassee Love
  2. Church featuring Teddy Verseti
  3. Tipsy
  4. Show U How featuring Teddy Pain & Teddy Penderazdoun
  5. I Got It
  6. Suicide
  7. Bartender featuring Akon
  8. Backseat Action featuring Shawnna
  9. Put It Down featuring Ray, Teddy Penderazdoun & Teddy Verseti
  10. Time Machine
  11. Yo Stomach featuring Tay Dizm
  12. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')Featuring Yung Joc
  13. 69 featuring J Lyriq
  14. Reggae Night
  15. Shottas featuring Kardinal Offishall & Cham
  16. Right Hand
  17. Sounds Bad
T-Pain opens the liner notes to his hotly anticipated second disc with a couple of helpful definitions: An epiphany is "the manifestation of a supernatural being" (definition No. 1) or "a sudden moment of insight or revelation" (No. 2), the opening page puts forth. Because most of the R&B record-buying world knows that T-Pain is not a supernatural being, but a stylish and inventive singer from Tallahassee, it would seem the second definition inspired the title--T-Pain probably felt flashes of inspiration when laying out the lyrics. A single spin ought to convince listeners a little of both factored in, though: Songs like "Bartender" and "Buy U a Drank" send out a southern hip-hop vibe silky enough to be considered a revelation (thanks partially to Akon, who pitches in on "Bartender"). And because the entire album leans hard on the vocoder, tracks such as opener "Tallahassee Love," a nod to Tupac's "California Love," sound otherworldly, a la definition one. Throughout, T-Pain hands out hooks like there's been a two-for-one sale. Maybe they came to him in a series of epiphanies. Or maybe a benevolent R&B being--some supernatural force who knows how to make a hit record--whispered them in his ear. --Tammy La Gorce

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