Intermission (Dig)

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レーベル:Beggars Banquet Us
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Disc : 1
  1. Falling Star
  2. Baby Stones
  3. 121
  4. I've Been Looking For Somebody
  5. I'll Jump
  6. Beyond Their Law
  7. I Can Do
  8. The Circle
  9. Cryin' Love
  10. The River People
  11. Frisco Depot
  12. Danger In The Past
  13. Falling Star (Original Version)
Disc : 2
  1. Haven't I Been A Fool?
  2. Easy Come, Easy Go
  3. Black Mule
  4. The Dark Side Of Town
  5. Lighting Fires
  6. Surround Me
  7. No Peace In The Palace
  8. Hot Water
  9. I'll Call You Wild
  10. Horsebreaker Star
  11. Malibu 69
  12. One Plus One
  13. In Your Bright Ray
The songwriting partnership of Grant McLennan and Robert Forster made the Go-Betweens one of the 1980s' greatest unsung bands. And here they are, Forster and McLennan, their solo works abbreviated and joined together. Forster's a leaper, gobbling his vocal lines and galloping atop a quick beat on "121," then slows down for slinky, wry weariness on "I've Been Looking for Somebody" and even a touch of Lou Reed in "Beyond Their Law." Simply put, Forster's aesthetically hurried, under pressure, where McLennan's at ease. The late Grant McLennan's voyage here is more appreciable, from the polished, new-wave-tinted pop of "Haven't I Been A Fool" to the crisp, visionary, starkness of "Hot Water" and "Horsebreaker Star." The doleful fiddle in the former song and McLennan's mature voice make it so memorable, and the sheer austerity and haunting electric guitar backdrops make the latter magnetic. The collective weight here is that of two veritable songwriting geniuses, one taken too soon. --Andrew Bartlett