Entourage: Season Three Part 2 [DVD] [Import]

Writer Ally Musika
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HBO's decision to release Entourage's third season in two parts makes watching the already brief season on DVD feel even more abrupt; compared to part one's 12 episodes, part two is just eight--and just as the plot feels like it's finally moving, it's over. Also over, at least as part two opens, is the working relationship between movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). Playing much like a real breakup, the two circle each other in various spots in Hollywood--avoiding, making small talk, attempting the just-friends hangout. But deep down, the two know they're meant for each other, and when Ari dangles the rights to Vincent's dream project--the Pablo Escobar biopic Medell匤--Vincent is only too happy to meet, against the wishes of his new agent (Carla Gugino). The pursuit of the Medell匤 project is the focus of part two, from trying to close the deal on Yom Kippur (not the easiest when the studio execs are observing the holy day), to mulling an indecent proposal from a prince and his wife in exchange for financing the flick. Meanwhile, Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon, who finally scored an Emmy nomination for this season) enjoys success on an Edward Burns-produced network drama called Five Towns. Turtle and Eric don't get as much storyline in this installment, and while there's plenty of Piven scenery to chew there's not enough of his scene-stealing assistant, Lloyd (Rex Lee). Bonus features remain minimal: commentary, a behind-the-scenes featurette. Perhaps that's the running theme of part two: There's just not enough. --Ellen A. Kim

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