Exclusive (Snys)

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  1. Throwed
  2. Kiss Kiss Featuring T-Pain
  3. Take You Down
  4. With You
  5. Picture Perfect Featuring will.i.am
  6. Hold Up Featuring Big Boi
  7. You
  8. Damage
  9. Wall To Wall
  10. Help Me
  11. I Wanna Be
  12. Gimme Whatcha Got Featuring Lil Wayne
  13. I'll Call Ya
  14. Lottery
  15. Nice Featuring Game (Special Bonus Track)
  16. Down Featuring Kanye West(Special Bonus Track)
It's not because of the irresistible banger that is "Kiss Kiss," and it's not because he's rounded up a guest roster that reaches across the hip-hop universe and pulls T-Pain, Big Boi, and Kanye into orbit: Exclusive solidifies Chris Brown's rise in modern R&B circles because it's a tight, stylish album that reeks of major-career potential. Yes, he's straddling the grown and sexy thing even though he's not yet out of his teens (see "With You," "You," and "I Wanna Be"), and yes, he's pulled in a lot of different directions by a lot of top-tier producers, Scott Storch, the Underdogs, and Will.i.am among them. But the thing that'll grab longtime R&B listeners about Exclusive is the way it hangs together--Brown can belt or go breezy with the best of them, and he doesn't strain for credulity even when faced with lyrics more suited to R. Kelly's wised-up vocal caliber (see "Take You Down"). Last go-round, on his debut, Brown was a hotshot. This time he's just hot. --Tammy La Gorce