Hula Girls (Dig)

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  1. On the Road
  2. Walking Down Rainhill
  3. The Dance
  4. Touch
  5. Hawaiian Eyes
  6. Opening Day
  7. Hula Girl
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Heartbeat
  10. Touch
  11. Hula Girl
  12. Local Boys
  13. Walking Down Rainhill
  14. Wish On My Star
  15. Graduation
  16. Hula Girl
The ukulele isn't supposed to sound like this. Jake Shimabukuro has been defying uke expectations for years now, playing everything from heavy metal to pastoral reveries. The strictures of film composing afford him little opportunity to stretch out, although the opening track certainly promises that, with a breezy jazz-fusion romp that recalls Béla Fleck without the bluegrass aroma. Hula Girls is a film about a Japanese mining town in the mid '60s in which some girls decide to take up hula dancing. Other than the opening "On the Road," Shimabukuro sticks mostly to variations on wistful and romantic, with occasional lapses into the sentimental, but always succeeds in taking the ukulele beyond exotic novelty, especially when it sounds like an electric guitar. "Hula Girl" as sung by Jennifer Perri is forgettable middle-of-the-road pop, but an instrumental take by Shimabukuro taps the plaintive side of the song. He also reveals a gift for arrangement with a cute guitar-and-ukulele duet on "Heartbeat" that also appears in a poignant minimalist version for solo piano. Hula Girls doesn't quite hold up as an album, especially with some buoyant '50s-style Hawaiian pop songs sung by the vocal trio Na Leo Pilimehana, including "Hawaiian Eyes" and "Local Boys." Hula Girls is a strong soundtrack, but just a pleasant album. --John Diliberto