Forgotten Coast [DVD] [Import]

Writer Travis Potter , Writer Justin Le Pera
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For many surfers, the notion of "going feral" is associated mainly with azure blue waves breaking on powdered sandy beaches. It is the casting aside of everyday monotonies for the pursuit of point-break excellence. The Forgotten Coast fuels this romantic ideal, as the exotic locales, glassy sets, and empty lineups are the stuff of wave-riding fantasy. However, it also documents the less-publicized realities of surf exploration that so often escape our daydreams. The intrepid crew of Travis Potter, Brian Conley, Daniel Thomson, Micah Byrne, Brandon Tipton, Brett Schwartz, and Ben Knight encounter sketchy boat captains, hellacious weather, nasty infections, and more as they seek out the finest waves Indonesia has to offer. Proving that it takes much more than just a quiver of boards to make a boat trip, these surfing nomads explore the unexplored by relying on each other and respecting the kindness of locals. It's not always glamorous, but the payback of pristine surf makes the journey worthwhile. --Dave Callanan