Working Man's Cafe (Dig)

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Disc : 1
  1. Vietnam Cowboys
  2. You're Asking Me
  3. Working Man's Cafe
  4. Morphine Song
  5. In a Moment
  6. Peace In Our Time
  7. No One Listen
  8. Imaginary Man
  9. One More Time
  10. The Voodoo Walk
  11. Hymn For a New Age
  12. The Real World
  13. Angola (Wrong Side of the Law)
  14. I, the Victim
  15. Vietnam Cowboys
  16. The Voodoo Walk
2008 must be an interesting year to have an outsider's view on the US and its role in the world, and when Ray Davies sings "everywhere I go it looks and feels like America," it's hard to miss a bit of the bitterness in the observation. His second studio solo album in three years, Working Man's Cafe feels like exactly the album a 60-something rocker would craft--assured and direct yet searching and restless, a glimpse into the head of a man who's comfortable in his skin but still wonders how he fits into a world that seems to be turning faster and stranger as the years pass by. Davies has cultivated this contraposition of bitter and sweet, of intertwining comfort and conflict throughout his years leading the Kinks, and now continues into what looks to be a fruitful solo career. There's a bit of George Harrison in the melody and sentiment of "One More Time," acknowledging the widening gap between powerful corporations and the overtaxed little guy, while still envisioning the possibility of a brighter future. And the title track's half-acidic, half-nostalgic take on modern homogenization follows the classic Davies approach of reporting what he sees around him with one eye toward a fading past: "I bought a pair of new designer pants where the fruit and veg man used to stand." It's nice to note that, 40 years on, the songwriter that skewered '60s Brits with "A Well-Respected Man" and "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" still wields a sharpened pen and pulls no punches. --Ben Heege