We Sing We Dance We Steal Things

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  1. Make It Mine (Album Version)
  2. Yours (Album Version)
  3. Lucky featuring Colbie Caillat (Album Version)
  4. Butterfly (Album Version)
  5. Live High (Album Version)
  6. Love For A Child (Album Version)
  7. Details in the Fabric featuring James Morrison (Album Version)
  8. Coyotes (Album Version)
  9. Only Human (Album Version)
  10. The Dynamo Of Volition (Album Version)
  11. If It Kills Me (Album Version)
  12. A Beautiful Mess (Album Version)
Since 2002’s jaunty Waiting for My Rocket to Come, Jason Mraz has developed into a more mature, well-rounded pop artist. We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things is his most multi-dimensional work yet, covering everything from groove-based material to ballads. While tracks such as "Make It Mine" and "Butterfly" refer back to the catchy style of previous albums, there are many other styles and textures on display here. His duet with Colbie Caillat, "Lucky," for example, explores his folkish, acoustic side, as does the compelling "Details in the Fabric," both of which are excellent songs. Mraz gets a little more experimental on "Coyotes," which toys with a clubby electronica and strangely seems to work, and on "The Dynamo of Volition" for which he employs a hectic, rapping-style of vocal over a typically contagious rhythm. His ballads, such as "Love For A Child", "If It Kills Me" and "Beautiful Mess" (these last two saved for the end) show a more sensitive side and even when his lyrics are occasionally clumsy, Mraz manages to make his point in an emotive way. Easy-going and sunny, but with laudable elements of depth and innovation, this is Mraz at his best so far.--Danny McKenna