Microgreens: A Guide To Growing Nutrient-Packed Greens (English Edition)

MICROGREENSA Guide to GrowingNutrient-Packed GreensDUBBED A CULINARY BUZZWORD by National Public Radio, microgreens-vegetables harvested soon after sprouting-are expected to be one of 2009's hottest food trends.With simple instruction, Microgreens teaches how to plant, grow, and harvest microgreens from one's own garden. The small amount of space needed to grow microgreens-a porch, patio, deck, or balcony will do-allows anyone to easily incorporate them into their daily meals, and the greens' nutritional potency make them a must-eat in a healthy diet.INCLUDES THESE MICROGREENS:AmaranthArugulaBasilBeetBroccoliCeleryChardCilantroCressEndiveMustardPac ChoiPeaPurple CabbageRadishTokyo Bekana