The Idea of the Public Sphere: A Reader (English Edition)

編集 Jostein Gripsrud , 編集 Hallvard Moe , 編集 Anders Molander , 編集 Graham Murdock , 寄稿 Hannah Arendt , 寄稿 Seyla Benhabib , 寄稿 James Bohman , 寄稿 John Dewey , 寄稿 Jon Elster , 寄稿 Nancy Fraser , 寄稿 Jürgen Habermas , 寄稿 G.W.F Hegel , 寄稿 Immanuel Kant , 寄稿 Alexander Kluge , 寄稿 Walter Lippmann , 寄稿 Niklas Luhmann , 寄稿 Chantal Mouffe , 寄稿 Oskar Negt , 寄稿 Bernhard Peters , 寄稿 John Rawls , 寄稿 Carl Schmitt , 寄稿 Joseph Schumpeter
The notion of 'the public sphere' has become increasingly central to theories and studies of democracy, media, and culture over the last few decades. It has also gained political importance in the context of the European Union's efforts to strengthen democracy, integration, and identity. The Idea of the Public Sphere offers a wide-ranging, accessible, and easy-to-use introduction to one of the most influential ideas in modern social and political thought, tracing its development from the origins of modern democracy in the Eighteenth Century to present day debates. This book brings key texts by the leading contributors in the field together in a single volume. It explores current topics such as the role of religion in public affairs, the implications of the internet for organizing public deliberation, and the transnationalisation of public issues.