The Day the Dragon Danced: Childrens book, Bedtime stories, Picture book about Chinese New Year (English Edition)

イラスト Carolyn Reed Barritt
ForeWord Magazine 2006 Book of the Year Finalist

2007 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People

Bank Street Best Children's Books

A multicultural celebration of our American melting pot through exuberant storytelling and equally colorful and lively paintings!

Focuses on important themes such as diversity, multicultural awareness, global holidays, and more!

Sugar and her Grandma are going to the Chinese New Year’s Day parade, but Grandma is skeptical about New Year’s in February and scary dragons. Sugar has learned all about what to expect from her teacher Miss Peng, though, and is more than ready to try dragon beard’s candy and watch her daddy dance in the New Year’s dragon.

Finally, after all the other floats drive by, the huge red and gold dragon pokes his head around the corner and dances down the street. Sugar tries to remember which shoes are her daddy’s, and realizes the dragon isn’t dancing so well… Sugar’s quick thinking saves the day and the dragon’s dance, and everyone in the community is ready to celebrate the new lunar year. As the dragon dancers emerge from beneath the dragon, Sugar recognizes her neighbors, including shopkeeper Mr. Chu, barber Mr. Johnson, teacher Mr. Gonzalez, and her own African-American daddy.