Japanese Dictionary: 1,006 Kanji By Grade (English Edition)

** Note: this dictionary DOES NOT include kanji stroke diagram. Check: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AAHC7A4 for kanji stroke diagram version. **

Japanese Dictionary: 1,006 Kanji By Grade has been designed to allow readers to easily look for a Kanji character. There are three searching methods to find a Kanji character in this dictionary. If readers already know how to read the kanji, the ON-kun Index can be used. Both ON and kun reading are alphabetically sorted and searchable through Kindle Search Dictionary feature (typing the romaji at the bottom of screen and press Search Dictionary).

Readers can also use the number of stroke index to find a Kanji character when the reading is now known. The list groups together the Kanji that are written with the same number of strokes.

Last searching method is using Kanji Index by grade. The Kanji are sorted based on the grade. For first grade there are 80 Kanji, second grade 160 Kanji, third grade 200 Kanji, fourth grade has 200 Kanji, fifth grade has 185 Kanji and sixth grade has 181 Kanji.

In addition to the acquisition of new Kanji, this dictionary also provides some compounds or common words for each Kanji.

We do hope that this dictionary will be a value for readers especially those who wants to study Japanese and Kanji more seriously.