Molecular Detection of Human Parasitic Pathogens (English Edition)

編集 Dongyou Liu
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CRC Press
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Traditionally, laboratory identification of parasites has relied upon various phenotypic procedures that detect their morphological, biological, and immunological features. Because these procedures tend to be time-consuming and technically demanding, molecular methods based on nucleic acid amplification technologies have been increasingly utilized for rapid, sensitive, and specific characterization of parasites.

The large number of original and modified molecular protocols that have been developed over the years creates a dilemma for those attempting to adopt the most appropriate protocol for streamlined identification and detection of human pathogenic organisms of interest. Part of a four-volume collection, Molecular Detection of Human Parasitic Pathogens provides a reliable and comprehensive resource on the molecular detection and identification of major human parasitic pathogens.

This volume contains expert contributions from international scientists involved in human parasitic pathogen research and diagnosis. Following a similar format throughout, each chapter includes:

  • A brief review on the classification, biology, epidemiology, clinical features, and diagnosis of an important pathogenic parasitic genus/group

  • An outline of clinical sample collection and preparation procedures and a selection of representative stepwise molecular protocols

  • A discussion on further research needs relating to improved diagnoses of major human parasitic pathogens

This versatile reference on molecular detection and identification of major human parasitic pathogens is an indispensable tool for upcoming and experienced medical, veterinary, and industrial laboratory scientists engaged in parasite characterization. It is also suitable as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in parasitology.