Modern Asian Living (English Edition)

写真 Masano Kawana
Featuring hundreds of photographs, this Asian design book is a love note to the modern, stylish luxury homes and interior spaces of Asia.

In recent years Asian design—in architecture, interiors and product design—has catapulted on to the global stage. Gone are the thatched villas and vernacular furniture of yesteryear. Replacing them are sleek, modern spaces, decked out with high quality furnishings and furniture, beautiful artworks ans state-of the-art technology. This book showcases a number of brand new properties—be they shops, homes, holiday houses, restaurants, bars of offices—that represent this new wave of Asian talent.

Each space in Modern Asian Living has been chosen and styled carefully, often with furniture and products from some of the Pacific region's hot manufacturers and suppliers. Work from all the leading architects, interior designers, product designers and artists are showcased—and full listings are given at the back of the book.