Special Education Child at School, College & Work (English Edition)

Special Education is a term for children who do not fit into the normal school curriculum. The big lie is that there is something wrong with you if you don’t fit into their system but in truth your God created you as you are. You owe it to your God to manifest your natural inspired-spiritual-esthetic potential regardless of what it is.

Most people are too brainwashed by the world system to realize they are fine as is.

These 28 volumes about special education are geared to help any parent, student, educator or concerned others who don’t neatly fit into the school system be it on the lower end or the higher end for whatever reason:

Volume 1. Mentally Challenged People/ Developmental Disabilities
Volume 2. Learning Disabilities, ADHD, etc.
Volume 3. LD Resource Guide
Volume 4. Autism is Someone into Themselves to the Exclusion of Others
Volume 5. Disabled Children With Intellectual or Physical Challenges
Volume 6. Education for Developmentally & Physically Disabled People
Volume 7. Special Education by State
Volume 8. Special Education Worldwide
Volume 9. Teacher of Disabled Children
Volume 10. Child-Teen Psychology-Mental Health Guide
Volume 11. Mental Health Resources
Volume 12. Canada Mental Health Superbook
Volume 13. Bad, Negative Things in Grade School
Volume 14. Gifted-Talented Child Guide
Volume 15. Alternative School Guide
Volume 16. Creativity Guide
Volume 17. Free Open-Online College Course Guide
Volume 18. Disabled Adults Independent Living
Volume 19. Senior Housing Guide (Living on Your Own)
Volume 20. Mentally & Physically Disabled People go to College
Volume 21. U.S. College Guide
Volume 22. U.S. Colleges by State
Volume 23. U.S. Community College-Career School-Adult Education Guide
Volume 24. Community & Career College Websites by State
Volume 25. Disabled People Job Guide
Volume 26. Disability Job Websites & Resources 1
Volume 27. Disability Job Websites & Resources 2
Volume 28. Parent of a Disabled Child/ Raising a Disabled Child

Your only true purpose in life is to be who you were born to be by nature but the capitalist-pop culture-religious matrix has done a great job turning almost all of us into pacified system clones working for money and that illusory thing called status.

It’s no different regardless of if you’re gifted, normal or intellectually slow.

The only people who win at life are the ones who become who they are by releasing their natural energy day after day.

The problem with our school system is that they have one agenda for everybody. They expect you to fit into their curriculum.

Forget about your individual nature. Become an achievement-oriented clone like I was. In the process, I sacrified myself until I was about 28 when I realized I had been lied to all my life. I was ambitious and achievement-oriented within the system but I always felt empty inside even as a yuppie college teacher.

I realized I had my true nature with my own standard. I knew I had to earn a living but I wasn’t going to sell my soul to that machine out there.

That’s enlightenment, to know you have to earn a living out there but to know your true nature and live by it no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you’re special ed. according to the system. They put those silly negative labels on people as a callous way for those people within the education and mental health indstries to make money and pretend they’re deep experts about human life but it’s an evil con job deeply embedded within this system we live in.

I don’t buy into it but I’m just one enlightened voice in the sea of madness. You can check out my Psychology Superbook for more info.

Be who you are by nature. Have the guts to do it and screw the world with its bullshit.

They cause so much negative energy by thrusting their standards onto innocent kids telling them you don’t fit into the normal category within our system. We have to fix you somehow.

I’m angry both ...