Jack Wears Glasses and a Patch... JUST LIKE YOU! (English Edition)

イラスト Helen Dwiyanti
Spend the day with Jack, a fun loving kid who loves to play with his sister and friends, and who also happens to wear glasses and a patch! This book is designed to show all of our glasses-wearing children that they are not alone in their daily adventures with glasses and trips to the eye doctor. This book has wonderfully colorful illustrations and was written with the feedback of many other parents whose children wear glasses. And although the author's other books specifically cater to children affected by congenital cataracts, this title is appropriate for any child who wears glasses. This book is a wonderful resource for kids ages 1-8. **Author's note: The illustrations and content of this book are almost identical to "Jack Wears Contact Lenses and Glasses... JUST LIKE YOU! A day in the life of a bilateral aphakic child". This book is a customized version for those children who do not wear contact lenses.