Gee Whiz : The Class Records Story 1956-1962 [Import]

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  1. Gee Whiz -Bob & Earl
  2. Rockin' Robin- Bobby Day
  3. Convicted- Oscar McLollie
  4. Dirty Dishes -Jeani Mack
  5. Ez-Zee -Googie Rene
  6. Gosh, But This Is Love- the Classics
  7. The Bear- Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
  8. People Are Doing It Every Day- Terry & Jerry
  9. My Heart's Desire- the Blenders
  10. Heavenly Angel -The Satellites
  11. Hey, Little Gigolo -The Hollywood Chicks
  12. I Bow to You- the Pelicans
  13. Teenagers Love Song- the Pharaohs
  14. Here's That Rainy Day- the Intervals
  15. The Bluebird, the Buzzard & The Oriole -Bobby Day
  16. The Struttin' Kind- Eugene Church
  17. No Time -The Titans
  18. Cool It at the Coliseum- Googie Rene
  19. Wait a Little While- the Sputniks
  20. You Made a Boo Boo -Bob & Earl
  21. School Days Will Be Over -The Tangiers
  22. Sad Fool- the Rollettes
  23. Ooo Wee- the Searchers
  24. Hey Girl Hey Boy -Oscar McLollie
  25. I Ain't Goin' for That- Eugene Church
  26. Little Bitty Pretty One- Bobby Day
  27. The Honey Jump- Oscar McLollie
  28. I'm Confessin' -Jesse Belvin
  29. If Only the Sky Was a Mirror- the Classics
  30. You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' -The Satellites
  31. That's My Desire -Bob & Earl
  32. Don't Try -The Tangiers
  33. Tossin' An Ice Cube- the Hollywood Chicks
  34. Wish I Could Change My Mind- the Intervals
  35. My Love Is Gone- the Sputniks
  36. Flapjacks -Googie Rene
  37. Super Duper- Jeani Mack
  38. Wow Wow Baby- the Searchers
  39. Little Rose -The Blenders
  40. Mama Julie- Terry & Jerry
  41. Miami -Eugene Church
  42. Let Me Know, Let Me Know- Oscar McLollie
  43. When She Walks -Bob & Earl
  44. I Need You- Paul Clifton
  45. Johnny's Little Lamb -The Sputniks
  46. My Blue Heaven- Bobby Day
  47. Emily -Sonny Sinbad
  48. Pretty Girls Everywhere- Eugene Church
  49. Side Track- Googie Rene
  50. Kiss Me Benny - the Rollettes