Hannah on the Spectrum: Hannah and Her Grandpa (English Edition)

イラスト CM Adams
Hannah and Her Grandpa is the fourth in the Hannah on the Spectrum books. It takes young readers 3+ through Hannah's daily interactions with her grandpa, whom Hannah calls "Papaw" and who loves to run and play as long as Hannah does. Through the Hannah on the Spectrum series, which is illustrated by C.M. Adams, readers discover that despide her disorder, Hannah is no different than they are. She loves to play, dance, watch videos and spend time with the people she loves. Introduce your young reader to Hannah and let them get to know how children with autism live.

Co-written and illustrated by celebrated author and good friend, CM Adams, a portion of the proceeds from the Hannah books will be donated to The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. Proudly serving the autism community since 1998.