The Slaver Wars: Endgame (English Edition)

編集 Frank MacDonald
The Federation is pushing the Hocklyns steadily back, but they still vastly outnumbered the Humans and their allies by hundreds to one. Fleet Hedon Admiral Streth has to defeat them before they develop newer and more deadly weapons. In a bold move, Hedon comes up with a daring plan to attack the Hocklyn home worlds. If he succeeds, the war will be over and if he fails then the Federation will face imminent defeat.

The AIs have withdrawn to the center of the galaxy where they are working on their Great Project. Once completed it will send out a hyperwave that will eliminate all organic life in the galaxy. Can anything be done to stop this impending apocalypse?

This is the exciting and epic conclusion to the Slaver Wars series. Over 160,000 copies of the series have been sold.