Brave New World (English Edition)

"Brave New World", written by Aldous Huxley, is an anti-utopian novel, juxtaposed to novels by Wells, and his positive idea of progress. According to Huxley, the modern civilization makes corrupted society: only apparently it's positive, but hides great eviles: with progress, the mankind is going to be dehumanised and manipulated, a perfect and hypocrit happiness is more important than human's freedom.
There's a clash between John, the Savage Man, and Mustapha, the Modern Man, on this question: John considers very important literature, especially Shakespeare, and freedom, Mustapha is persuaded that art has to be sacrificed to the stability, and that happiness is the most important principle of life and society: his idea of happiness is utopian, because it consists in a continuous satisfaction of any kind of desire. But this happiness is possible only through a general brainwash and taking on a synthetic drug named "soma".